Great Novena of Immaculate Conception 2016

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Great Novena of Immaculate Conception 2016

Blessed and encouraged by Its Holiness the Pope Francis

Great Novena of Immaculate Conception 2016

Presentation : 
From November, 
to Décember, 30 each year, takes place Great Neuvaine of the Immaculate Conception. It is for us a whole moment privileged to honour our Holy Mother and, by the prayer, to request its protection and its intercession, in order to better live in union with Jesus, his Son.

In addition, the Catholic Church invites us on this occasion to turn us, with confidence and not matter the situation in which we find ourselves, towards the Immaculate Conception in these first days of the Advent. Where thus can we better open our heart to deposit in all than we carry: our joys and our sorrows, our fights and our failures, our desires,if that isn't in the Heart of Marie, Our very Blessed Virgin and Our Mother, during this during this global Marian Neuvaine of Prayer?

This year's theme : OUR LADY OF COMPASSION.

We have just concluded the Year of the Jubilee of the Mercy of the Lord, which always remains operative.

Compassion enters into Mercy and the Immaculate Virgin Mother shows us the way. It is She who at the wedding of Cana interceded for the missing wine, so his Heart takes pity on "the man of sorrow" and embraces at the same time the immense crowd of those who do evil and those who suffer because She is the Mother of Humanity.

Our world today is confronted with the surge of evil all over the world, so in this novena we entrust to our Mother both the victims of terrorism, wars, the millions of hungry and refugees; That the executioners, their accomplices and all those who work to the detriment of the good of the people and of the whole Creation.

We implore OUR LADY OF COMPASSION so that through the intercession of the Mother of Mercy and Peace we may obtain the spiritual light for our eyes to open; So that in the Light of Jesus we become all His witnesses in every act of our lives.

Let us be thus “active” workmen by supporting, around us, the broad access to this Neuvaine so that, thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mère of Mercy, many vocations wake up, and we may become witnesses to  Jesus in each one of our acts of life.

Don't forget that our Blessed Mother is for all the privileged and sure way which leads to Christ Our Lord.

Prayer of November 30 to December 8, 2016

1°) Each day a decade of Chaplet (= 1 Our Father + 10 Hail Mary + 1 Glory),

followed by 3 times the invocation:

« O Mariy, conceived without sins, pray

for we who have recourse to You».

2°) Communion on day of December 8  or a day of the octave. - Confession recommended.


PRAYER (to say every day of novena)

O Marie, Immaculate Virgin, standing near Jesus’ Cross, With Him you carried, in your heart pierced with sorrow, men redeemed by His blood. He came to save what was lost and, offering his life for the multitude, He has given back Hope to the world.

Remember tears you have shed for those who do evil and for those who suffer. Obtain us repentance, forgiveness and peace.

With your Maternal heart, intercede with the Father for the Church, our persecuted brothers and the immense crowd of exiled who are suffering and dying along the way.

By the Contemplation of the holy wounds of Jesus, impregnate our hearts of your compassion, in order to practise works of mercy towards all our famished brothers of bread, love and truth.

That rises today, in the glory of the Father, a people of servants, priests and saints devoted to you for the safety of the hearts.


The Children's Chapelet, 5 rue de l'université - 75007 PARIS (France)

Imprimatur of the Vicar Episcopal of Paris on May 7, 2016.

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