Join us for the Divine Mercy Novena

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Not forget the Novena to the Divine Mercy which begins today !!!



You can join thousands of people in praying the novena this year !


Asked by Jesus to Sister Faustina, this novena takes place from Good Friday to Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter), but can also be said at any time.


We pray that the prayers of Divine Mercy will strengthen us as we fast and do penance today, Good Friday.  We pray that we draw closer to the Passion of our Lord today and throughout this novena. 


Especially since our conscience has been brutally brought out of its lethargy...


For a very long time now, the Calls from Heaven have been warning us that we are living in times worse than those of the Flood and of Sodom and Gomorrah ... we, blind, deaf and helpless, have continued on our way without caring ...


May this open our eyes, our hardened hearts and all our senses, so that we may plunge ourselves repentant and contrite into the Mercy of the Lord who alone in the Trinitarian unity can put an end to what is being plotted against us in the occult.


The Novena will take place this

year from Friday, April 19 to

Sunday, April 19, 2020.



If you are not French speaking and you want join us for the Divine Mercy Novena Click Here