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English version ( Prière à St-Michel Archange contre la dictature!)

Strength of Saint Michael the Archangel, defender of the children of God, of the Catholic Church and of the FAITH, deliver us, we beg you, by your divine strength in union with the forces of the Army of God, of the Saint Archangels, holy angels, saints of the entire cohort of God, of the Holy Trinity, and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Apocalypse, of Deliverance, of Perpetual Help and of the Salvation of Souls, deliver us from Satan who is raging on earth!

We beseech you, fight to defend all the children of the earth from the evil forces of the demons who are attacking them with fury! The enemies of God spit out with delirium and satanism all their venom to destroy everything on earth, and to snatch the divine and human life from the children of God who belong to God the Father through Jesus Christ who died on the Cross and Rose from the dead. We implore you, deliver the people of God enslaved under the clutches of Satan by his seductive and evil tricks of all kinds!


With your sword, hasten over all the earth! Strike! Disperse, annihilate all the powers, the satanic forces, the projects, the plans projected and begun by these demons who prowl all over the earth in human souls under its demonic grip through the World Government and the « Freemasonry of the Illuminati »! Destroy and annihilate the forces of the Global Elite of Davos! Destroy the Secret Elites, accomplices of evil! Destroy the satanic cohorts, through global and sectarian politics, working in the visible and in the shadows with little demons who perfectly shape their plans of destruction towards all their victims! Defend us, it’s the hour of God!


Destroy the Deep State with force! Destroy the control by fear under the evil world political power which rules with hypocrisy, lies, deception and mockery, for a long time blowing their venom on the innocent in order to control them and kill them body and soul! May your Divine Breath from God destroy all this evil in your path leaving only blackened dust under your feet by your authorized guidance from God! Deliver, in the name of God, the children of God and the Catholic Church from the grip of this hellish evil of Satan.


Thrust all the demons into hell with power and fight all the enemies of God for the well-being of His children in order to accomplish the Justice of God in these End Times! Save us on earth from the grip of Satan’s wiles to protect the souls and the Catholic Church of God so that the reign of God the Father in his Supreme Will is fulfilled!


Saint Michael the Archangel, help God to save souls! Saint Michael the Archangel, fight with great fury against Satan destroying all his works and his power! Saint Michael the Archangel, be praised forever! Saint Michael the Archangel, defender and protector of the children of God against Satan and his works, we beg you, act now, deliver us!


Saint Michael the Archangel, Light of God, destroy all the powers and plans of these evil beings by throwing them into hell with the strength of God the Father! Saint Michael the Archangel, be victorious in the Name of God, Thrice Holy! Glory to God in the Highest! Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest! Peace in the land of the living!


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