45 Christians arrested again in Eritrea - February 27, 2013

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Accused of threatening the peace and security of the country, Christians respond by praying for the authorities.



In Muslim countries and in arbitrary arrests, it seems that we move from the retail at the "big" (not to do things by half). After the fifty Egyptian Copts arrested in Benghazi (Libya) and then released and deported - after being brutally tortured! - Following the request of the Egyptian government, and the 53 Christians in Saudi Arabia, it is in Eythrée that are carried out mass arrests...


Christians in Eritrea face a new wave of arrests. Since the beginning of the year, 125 of them were arrested in Eritrea. The latest raid took place on February 27. That day, 45 new people were arrested in the town of Barentu, in south-western Eritrea. These men and women were all part of the same church. They were arrested in broad daylight. The police came to look for them at their home, or on their workplace, and was taken them to the police of the city while hitting them.


Anti-Christian propaganda: Before these latest arrests, the authorities had organized a public meeting during which they had accused Christians of independent churches to be a threat to the peace and unity in Eritrea. But at the end of the meeting, several people went prevent of the imminent risk of arrests of the Christians.


They pray for the authorities: "I love my country leaders, I pray for them every day," confided a mother who does not understand why the authorities convey such an image of Christians. "As Christians, we are taught to live in peace with each other and we want to honour our leaders in respect for our beliefs. '


In May 2002, the Eritrean President, Mr Afewerki, has closed all the independent churches Protestant in the country, prohibiting also all their celebrations and imprisoning all those who would continue to meet. Since that date, only the Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches considered historical are permitted. The Government intends to control all religious activity in the country.



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Du blog : * It's worth its weight in gold when reading these article’s comments pointing us dramatic situations where men lose their lives and see discourse about it, one glass of whiskey in one hand and the coffee cream in the other, of those Gétrouvetout  who seem to consider everything except that there is human's slaughter in this particular case. In their defence, it is true, they have can be read but like  blind persons, Trivializing quite excessively as we know so well how to make it as soon as neither our close relations, nor we are not directly concerned


- The worst enemy of Christianity isn't perhaps the other religions, but what undermines from the inside, religious and godless, and we are more than "partially" infiltrated and with our indifference the human slaughter continues.

- Christians who were arrested in Eritrea are 45 evangelists certainly, but first and foremost, they are Christians and this is the reason for their martyrdom. They lost their lives because of their faith, let us not make the insult to remove them of their merit, the Lord Himself has this in charge. Peace to their souls.

The Christian is one who obeys as best he can at Command that Jesus has given us all :


"Love one another as I have loved you" (Jn 13,34).


Don't favour the local quarrels against pediments of temple, the enemy who work in each of us, make it already without us!

The plight of Christians in the East, Middle East, Africa etc .... is not enviable at all. It’s the blood that makes them silent ...

Now they are in dire need of our prayers and of our courageous acts of faith.


Prayer requests


... Thank God for the strengthening of the provision hearts of Christians in face of the authorities who persecute them.

... Pray for all Christians arrested because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Ask a radical change of attitude of all the leaders of the countries concerned and also for those who close their eyes.

... Pray for our conversion,  let's us carry in prayer those who are furthest away

... And we Christians Catholics, intensify our prayers so that the Light of God enlightens all the participants of the Conclave, and so each of our churches and those  of our separate brothers so that strengthened and lit we behaved all  like "God's children " in  each of our acts of everyday life.


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