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Thus says the Lord, our God, “My children, in the beginning I created light first in order to remove the darkness and chaos that hovered the universe. But by the work of Satan, darkness returned to the universe; consequently men and women, whom I created in my image and likeness, were darkened in their souls and lived in sin and under the bondage of Satan. So I sent my son Jesus as light into the world to give enlightenment to everyone to live in righteousness and holiness of life.


Several times He declared himself as the Light of the world and He assured that those who follow him would never walk in darkness. Through him, who is light, you can see me, your Father, and nurture a close union with me as my own children. When you go away from my way and me, he will show you the way to me so that you can return to me and find the way to eternity. As light, he gives you energy and power to live an authentic Christian life. In his light all darkness of sin and Satan will banish. In him, you too will become lights, yes, he come to you to make you the children of Light. If you believe in Jesus, the Light of the world, you will surely be the children of light. 


My children, you must throw away all deeds of darkness and shine as burning and shinning lamps in this wicked and perverse generation that hesitate to come to the Light fearing that their shameful deeds committed secretly in darkness would be manifested. You must be blameless and innocent children of Light leading many to life and salvation.


You must know, my children that those who do not believe in Christ, the Light of the world, are in blindness and darkness in their hearts; hence they cannot understand or love the children of Light. They will hate and persecute you because you are living in the Light. This is the time of fight between light and darkness; my children remain firm in your faith in Christ Jesus the Light, stand erect lifting your heads up, for I your Father and my son Jesus, your Lord and savior, will be with you through the Holy Spirit. Rejoice, victory and triumph will be for the children of Light.


As you are in the peace and joy of Christmas, I give you a new year. This year also will be a year of famine, diseases, war, terrorism and killing of the innocent ones. Christians, the true followers of Christ, will be persecuted more and more. My children have no fear, this is the opportunity for you to be true witnesses of Jesus the Light. Be like the wise virgins in the Bible with the hearts burning with the love of Christ by loving one another and helping each other. Recite in your hearts always the psalm, “The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, whom shall I fear?” 




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We wish you a very happy Christmas 2014 and a blessed New Year 2015






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