J N S R: It is now that All is accomplished ... – March 9, 2013

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… the Time is here and "I am the Master of Time...






St. Francis,  March 9, 2013


In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

Listen to this Mystery.



This Mystery cannot be announced by the “closed Church”. (This is the conclave convened to elect the new pope.)

So, it is, nevertheless, "My Church" who will announce to you, to everyone, all My dear children who are behind My Pope Emeritus:

"You are Christians who love the Church and Her Pope Emeritus”.

You are the Messengers of the Good News: Jesus Christ. †

Each of you is an envoy of GOD to bring His word to the ends of the earth.



Do not be demoralized,  "lonely"!

Because I put My strength and My desire in everyone, and My signal, you must listen to Me!

It is already urgent to implement everything!

Nobody can oppose "the Kingdom of GOD on Earth ... "This is why I diffuse my orders now:

You will, and I will... Do you not know that you are My Beloved, right behind Me? ...

Nobody can stop the flow of My Living Word! “I am the Source”.

Walk without fear! I repeat, I will always be ahead of the one who honors My Holy Word.

Your GOD has spoken! These are all My Angels protectors who will open the doors before you! They receive the same orders as the One who bears My Word: "If you remain silent, the stones will speak! My Word is weighed. "When I give It, It is as fluid as My Water. So It will always be before you…

"The doors will open for the Lord sends you. " Otherwise, why would you hear Me?

Do not fear, the Time is here and "I am the Master of Time..." Otherwise, everything would still be hidden! ...

It is now that All is accomplished.

My Church is all of you, behind My Pope Emeritus, of whom I speak today.

All that you receive is accepted by every Angel that follows you, to remove any stone that is in your way, and that could be a barrier to My beloved ones.

Go, my daughter, chosen to bring the Kingdom of GOD in your heart!

Let he who interposes himself know, that nothing can block the way of the Lord!

Yes, you will give this Message which is already the first opening of the new path:

"The Protection of GOD”.


I affix my seal upon My TRUE Word,

which will open the Door to the SUPREME TRUTH.

Jesus Christ Master of the Armies of GOD our Father.  



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