Locutions to the World - 1 : Keep Your Eye on Israel - Feb 4th, 2011

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How long will it be?

Keep your eye on Israel. This is the center.

By keeping your eye on Israel you will get to know the time. Not exactly, but you will see it coming closer.

The more danger there is to Israel, the closer the time will be.


I love Israel and I love Jerusalem. 

In Jerusalem, I shed my blood, redeemed the world and rose from the dead. It is a sealed city, sealed in my blood and in my Holy Spirit.

Even more than geography, I love the Jewish people.

They are my people. But Jewish lips do not call out, “Jesus is our Messiah”. 

I like to hear these words from anyone’s lips. But I have my greatest joy when I hear those words from the lips of a Jew and from the lips of Israel. This is the deepest hope of my heart.


Comment: In these locutions Israel takes center stage, both in the time frame of events and in Jesus’ heart.





I am a daughter of Israel and I dreamed of Israel gathered around the Messiah, for whom they had waited so long.


But then, what did I experience? I saw Israel reject my Son, call him a false Messiah, reject his claims and nail him to the cross.

But that was only my first sorrow as a daughter of Israel. After He rose from the dead and the apostles began to preach, I held new hopes. Certainly now, Israel would accept my Son as Messiah. Instead, I experienced a second rejection. My own people did not accept Him as their Messiah. 

Twice, I have been broken in heart. Twice, they have rejected Jesus as Messiah. But it will not happen a third time. I look forward to the day when all of Israel will proclaim my Son as Messiah.


The moment of the greatest darkness is the moment before the greatest light. The very moment when it seems that Israel will be destroyed is the moment when I will save Israel and all will proclaim that Jesus is the Messiah. I have revealed the deepest sorrow of my heart.


Comment: Mary’s two-fold sorrow brings forth a promise that this time the result will be different. Israel’s moment of greatest darkness will be the moment when Mary rescues Israel.



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