Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago - December 2, 2012

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Tell My beloved children to take time and write a card to someone you know who doesn’t receive many Christmas cards.  Put a note in it telling them you are praying for them and have them in your heart.  So many of My children are very lonesome and would love hearing from you.  Aside from the gifts you will be giving family and friends I’m sure you can think of someone you could give a gift to someone who is forgotten and needs someone to care about them.  My dear ones, beware that now with everyone so busy with Christmas preparations your government leaders are in the process of yet more rules and laws to control your lives.  It doesn’t matter that Congress is bypassed in all this.  They just do what they want and answer to no one.  That is all about to change My dear ones.  Soon you will witness a miracle that will stun everyone most especially the leaders of this Administration.  They won’t know what to do since they thought their agenda was working quite well.  My dear ones, don’t stop praying for your country and for the man chosen for these times.  There will be much to endure in the future but if you stay in prayer you will be protected.  Once more I ask for your trust and faith in these messages which are about to be proven true.



I love you, Jesus.

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