Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago - December 3, 2012

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Tell My beloved children to stay close to their loved ones while you still have time.  Many things will happen in the near future that may cause the loss of one of your loved ones.  There will be paid terrorists who will be causing riots all over the country.  People will be imprisoned for only being a Christian.  Many innocent people will be accused of going against the government.  The new president chosen for these times will have all this to deal with before the powers who have been in control for so many years will finally be defeated.  This won’t happen over night but you will be protected from all harm if you stay in prayer and put your total trust in God.  My dear ones, you have been told about these events happening and soon you will be living them.  There is such a need for you to be prepared spiritually as well as physically.  You may have to leave your homes and belongings to escape those who will be searching for Christians who have spoken against the government publicly or privately.  Be careful who you talk to when you criticize your government.  You may be monitored on the phone or in your e-mails.  I know this all sounds very scary and unbelievable My children but these things may happen and you must be prepared.  Remember this won’t last a long time and you can look forward to a New Heaven and a New Earth with love and peace for all mankind.



I love you, Jesus.

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