Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago July 14, 2012 (9:08am)

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Tell My beloved children to get ready for major changes in your government.  They won’t be able to last when the next administration takes over, but it will cause a lot of pain and confusion for everyone especially for senior citizens and handicapped people.  Remember I told you these people in your government who are in control are Godless and so they have no consciences.  The enemy is angry that you are hearing about all his plans before they are carried out but you must be told so you can be prepared.  Oh, My children, if ever there was a need for prayer it is now.  There are also going to be greater prices in the grocery store due to the drought all around your country.  If you pray for rain I will hear your prayers.  For some farmers it is already too late to save their crops.  They will have much to suffer financially.  Everyone will be affected by all this.  Until My children wake up and see that it is the hand of God asking them to turn back to God, the trials will continue.  To give you more hope, My dear ones, remember that you will have a good moral man to lead your country back to God.  I know this all sounds like a fairy tale but it is true and you will be able to believe once it happens.  You will be given further advice in the future.


I love you, Jesus.

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