Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago - July 15, 2012 (11:23am)

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Tell My beloved children now is the time to put all resentments behind.  There is no one in Heaven who hasn’t been purged from this sin in Purgatory.  Vengeance is mine not yours.  Some of you carry so much bitterness in your hearts there is no room for My Love.  My children, there are so many illnesses caused because of bitterness, anger, and resentment.  It eats away at your heart until your heart is little and can’t reach out in love to anyone.  My children, I know some of you have been deeply hurt, but you must forgive those who have caused you so much emotional pain.  Your resentment only hurts you and you will never be at peace until you are willing to let the Lord back into your heart.  My dear ones, the summer is almost over and soon you will be made aware of what the powers behind the scenes have been up to.  They have a diabolical plan which if it were put into action would affect everyone.  As I told you earlier all their plans will be defeated.  This will cause them to panic and take drastic measures to keep their power.  My children, don’t stop praying for your country.  It is under a major attack by satan himself.  He knows his time is limited and he wants to destroy everything he can before he has to leave.  Always remember who is in control and keep in mind God is constantly at your side.


I love you, Jesus.

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