Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago July 5, 2012 (5:47pm)

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Tell My beloved children I’m still waiting to hear from some of them who are reading and believing these messages.  You aren’t following the request for prayers and sacrifices and you aren’t trying to spread them so others can respond.  My dear ones, don’t read these words out of curiosity.  That does no good for anyone.  The temperatures are rising all over your country and power is going out so there is no relief from this intense heat.  Have you not been told these trials would be coming?  My dear ones, I have to tell you this may continue if enough of you fail to pray and turn back to the Lord.  Who do you think controls the climate?  It isn’t human beings or related pollution or air quality.  No, My children, it is I the Lord who can change it back to normal temperatures.  My dear ones, there is nothing you can do to stop all the storms and climate changes but if you pray that will help you get back the temperatures you are used to.  There are many like things that will happen until My children wake up and realize these are all warnings to turn you back to God.  Notice the states that were hit the hardest.  These are areas where a lot of sin is rampant.  It is only by My Graces that things can change for the better.  My dear ones, the elections are closer than you think.  Are you telling others to pray for a good moral man of integrity who is 100 pro-life?  If not you may get someone who isn’t good for your country.  Many of you have stopped believing these messages because you don’t understand what the Lord is doing and these words seem to contradict what is happening in your country.  Continue to pray and trust My dear ones.  I would never deceive you or disappoint your faith in Me.  Just keep saying, “Jesus, I trust in You” and believe.

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