Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago - November 26 2012

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Tell My beloved children there is much to look forward to as we approach the miracle soon to occur.  Keep your spirits up no matter how bleak things may begin to look.  Remember every attempt of this Administration to take more and more control of your lives will fail.  My dear ones, stay in prayer and you won’t be discouraged as things start to fall apart in your country.  Keep in mind that soon you will have a good president who wants what is best for you and your country.  He loves this country and believes God will bless it more abundantly once the evil men and women who have been in control far too long are gone and have no more power.  These people will be so dumbfounded they won’t believe what is happening to their little empire they thought they had.  My dear children keep praying and fasting this will help to bring the miracle sooner.



I love you, Jesus.

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