Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago - November 27, 2012

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Tell My beloved children there will be much bloodshed in the future after your new president takes office.  Many race riots will be perpetrated by paid terrorists by the powers trying to keep their control.  Every effort will end in failure.  There will be many innocent lives lost.  When these things begin, stay in your homes as much as possible.  There will be roving gangs burning and looting homes.  I know this all sounds very scary My children but if you stay in prayer you will be protected.  Satan will use these people who were always pulling the strings in your country to use every means they can to cause disturbances and heartache.  My dear ones, your new president and those who will be supporting him in the Administration will have much success in quelling the riots and getting your country back in order but they will need all your help and support, especially your prayers and fasting.  This will be a fierce spiritual battle for souls.  Oh My children, the miracle that will happen soon will come at a time when no one will be prepared who isn’t listening and praying.  The Holy Spirit will be prompting those in prayer what to do to protect yourselves and your families.  This won’t last a long time but the battle will be fierce.  Just knowing that God is with you in this great miracle will bring you peace.



I love you, Jesus.

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