Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago October 14, 2012 (10:55am)

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Tell My beloved children to stay in touch with My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.  These will be your places of refuge when times get too difficult for you to handle.  You will find warmth and comfort in Our Hearts.  It is there that you will be given peace and many graces.  You are so blessed to have this special gift.  My dear ones, as I have been telling you the powers behind the scenes are at odds with each other as to what they should do regarding their candidate.  They can’t take any risk on his losing.  In the mean time they are getting prepared for any possibilities.  They may call on Marshall Law in order to stop the elections, but they would have to have a good reason.  They are still planning to have paid terrorists start race riots.  They are all in a state of confusion now.  Your prayers will defeat any and all of their plans as you have been told.  It won’t be much longer until you will be made aware of who the chosen man for these times is.  You will all be surprised when you see who he is.  He is most grateful for all your prayers and fasting.


I love you, Jesus.

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