Message of Our Lady of Light via Ned DOUGHERTY - July 2, 2014

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Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport, New York


At 10:00pm



Our Lady of Light


My dear son, 

Now I have brought you across the North American continent to the place where I appeared and spoke to you so many times, because as you know, this is the anniversary of thirty years from the time that I intervened in your life and chose you to do my bidding. For it is on this night thirty years ago that I introduced you to the spiritual realms at a time in your life, when your own earthly journey had veered far from the path that the Father in Heaven had chosen for you.


But my choice of using you, my dear son, has been written in the eternal realms in a time and place that is foreign to those who do not know, and who do not understand, that time and space as you know it here on Earth, is not relevant to the timelessness and the immensity of space in the eternal realms.


Now thirty years later, my son, you recognize and realize that your journey has been different than you ever expected, before I interfered in your wayward way of living. But I chose you to carry my messages to the world, as I have chosen many of God’s children.


I chose you in particular, because of the way that you had been conducting your life, which made you the least likely candidate to be doing my work. Now that you have chosen to follow my inspiration, you recognize that what you had experienced on this evening thirty years ago has been validated by the path that you have walked since then.


You have also recognized that what had been shown to you in visions was real, for many of the visions that were chosen for you to see have now been affirmed for the many disbelievers, as well as the faithful children of God, who recognize that God has a plan for each and every one of you to answer His call to humanity, no matter how sinful you believe your journey to be.


For God the Father, and His Son the Redeemer of the world have great mercy for the worst of sinners, who come to recognize that your journey here on Earth is intended for you to serve God and not his adversary, who currently rules the world in so many ways.


Fortunately for you, my son, you have been saved through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the source of your life, as well as the source of all life. Many of your brothers and sisters have fallen away from a belief in the Eternal Journey, because they have lost their faith in God, as a result of the influences of the evil one, who is having his way with so many of God’s children.


My son, I know that even you have recognized your weakness and fear despite all that you have been shown that is so life-affirming for an eternity in paradise, because the evil one has been interfering with your journey and attempting to suppress you in your mission to do the work of the Father in Heaven.


Know this now that I am with you on this journey, despite how dark the times may appear to be for you on this road through life. Keep in mind the visions that have been shown to you of the promise of a brave new world that the Father in Heaven has promised for all the brothers and sisters on the face of the Earth during these troubling times.


You live in a world that has become terribly corrupted by the evil one, but his days are short, just as you had been shown many years ago. Keep in mind that the Father in Heaven has a plan for the future of mankind that will occur after the Great Shaking which all of mankind must now prepare for, because the time is very short now, when the great changes and transformation will take place.


Keep in mind the visions that you were shown of the future of the world, when the great transformation takes place that will bring all of mankind closer to the Father in Heaven, because His enemy, the evil one and his minions will be purged from the face of the Earth.


Knowing this to be true, my son, what is it that you have to fear?


Thanks be to God!


Message ended 10:20pm


 - exactly 30 years from the beginning of my first near-death experience on July 2, 1984 at 10:20pm.




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