Message of Our Lady via Holy Love - July 20, 2014

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Blessed Mother says:  "Praise be to Jesus."


 "It behooves all leaders, whether they be secular or religious, to be respectful of the Truth.

  As it is, too many people carry burdens of unjust decisions weighted down with obedience, while leaders are not held accountable for their actions - many of which are not lawful."


 "This is abuse of authority in action - the distortion of obedience as a means of control and undocumented power. 

My Jesus did not try to control.  He tried to gently guide through love.  He never denied the Truth or the Spirit of Truth, but defended it.  He intended the law of Holy Love to guide souls to their salvation."


 "Today, there are so many laws that lead away from salvation. 


My Son's Way is gentle prodding - not intimidation.  He is the Truth and never distorts the Truth towards His own advantage as so many do today."




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