Message from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago June 29, 2012 (3:05pm)

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Tell My beloved children to take more time for prayer.  This is going to be so important for your protection in the future.  Even though the country is in turmoil over the Supreme Court’s decision, there is still hope to overturn it.  You were told it would have a successful outcome and it still will.  Everyone thinks they know the time that is talked about in these messages, but only the Lord knows when and how these events will happen.  In the mean time you are asked to trust in the Lord and these messages.  Oh, My children, don’t be sad.  I want My dear ones to be happy no matter what occurs in the future.  There are good times ahead after the trial by fire which has already started.  Remember to pray for the Church and its leaders who are under a great cloud right now.  Soon it will be lifted and everyone will be of one mind and heart.  You don’t know the mind of God in these matters, but it can only be for the betterment of the Church.  My dear children, don’t stop praying for your chosen candidate who is waiting in the wings to see what the next move will be.  He is doing wonderful things to prepare for his presidency.  I know many of you will stop reading these messages since you have obviously misunderstood some of the important parts of the messages.  Remember we are using a human vehicle to get these messages to you and some things get misinterpreted.  Yes, My dear ones, I continue to reveal My thoughts and advice to you through My messenger.  Believe and trust and don’t doubt.  I remind you again that I won’t disappoint you.


I love you, Jesus.


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