Today we celebrate the Annunciation

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The Announcement made for Marie 


In fact this year the solemnity being in full Holy Week, on this March 25, 2013, there's been adjournment of the festivity.


This important holiday for Christians is pure heresy for Muslimswho as such don't hesitate to massacre with much barbarism those who believe in this. In the name of God say they!

In fact, they cannot conceive the Incarnation of God. Their belief is certainly monotheistic, but they do not perceive TRINITY UNITY of God, their monotheism is inherently different from the Jewish religion, and thus, even more of the Christian religion. 

Christians who eventually opt for this current religious reflect merely their problem of faith as Christian. Let us take this Year of Faith for know our God Thrice Holy, and don't allow the other to come "tell" us anything which not express of GOD'S  LOVE.

God is above all LOVE, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT (Almighty),  and who can claim to have been His counselor ?

At any time, even before the creation of man, God knew that he would fall, but rather of making "economy" of having to bear the human disobedience, God has planned His PLAN OF SALVATION that even most scholars, especially those ones, cannot fully understand unless God gives them means


I invite you to refer you to articles already dealt on the Annunciation and wish you an


Holy and Happy Feast of the Annunciation.



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